Enrollment Information

To find out if we have slots available for the 2014-15 school year, please contact Angela via email at abj.packy@gmail.com or call/text 971-300-5316


Enrollment in PACKY Academy, LLC requires a registration fee of $50.00, one month’s tuition, a deposit and your completed registration forms. A deposit equivalent to one month’s tuition is required and will apply to the last month of service in the event that a child graduates or a 30 day written notice is given.

These requirements must be met prior to holding space or providing care for your child. These fees are non-refundable. At the beginning of each new school year by September 1st, parents must re-enroll their child. Parents are required to complete new registration forms (or update current form with date and signature and turn them in along with a $35.00 per child re-enrollment fee. A newly updated parent handbook and/or updated pages will be provided for parents.

Enrollment forms can be emailed or faxed and will be available on this site soon!

PACKY Academy